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Vacuum pumps do not start - WKB1607

Article number: 1607


  • System was powered-off for scheduled power outage
  • Powered system on, turned on collision gas, hit PUMP from vacuum menu
  • Pumps did not start
  • MS status (at bottom of page): No Instrument


  • Xevo TQD
  • MassLynx 4.1
  • Quattro Premier/XE


User did not allow enough time for MS to initialize before launching MassLynx.


  1. Close MassLynx.
  2. With a piece of peek tubing, push the RESET button on the front of the MS, inside the hole. If the MS is vented, you can reset the instrument by powering on and off, which also reboots the electronics. 
  3. Wait at least three minutes for the MS to initialize.
  4. Open MassLynx.
  5. Go to the Tune page > Vacuum > PUMP.


The mass spectrometer requires approximately three minutes to reboot. The embedded PC needs to connect to the MassLynx host PC, download the vxWorks operating system to itself, boot up the OS, and then check the hardware system on the MS.

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