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Fluidics error on Vion IMS QTof - WKB15011

Article number: 15011


  • Acquisitions stop unexpectedly.

  • Sample fluidics go to waste and can't be resetted.

  • In the console under Vion IMS QTof\ Summary\ Logs, the information can be found that a leak was detected.


  • Vion IMS QTof
  • Vion Driver 2.2
  • UNIFI 1.9.4


Leak sensor triggered due to leak at fluidics.


  1. Dry the leak sensor from the fluidics system of the Vion IMS QTof.

  2. Purge sample fluidics.

  3. Reset fluidics

  4.  Set a LC flow into the ESI sample probe.

  5. Inspect the divert valve (connection from LC to fluidics system at the Vion IMS QTof) and observe if there is a leakage.

  6. If you find liquid at the fitting itself, reseat the fitting.

  7. If the leakage occurs in the divert valve (liquid is seen between rotor and stator), replace the HT Divert Valve Pod (700009461). The valve cartridge can be removed after the black plastic milled screw around the cartridge has been loosened.


Potentially, a blocked peek tubing or ESI-Probe has caused the divert valve leakage. Inspect the ESI Probe and the peek tubing from divert valve to ESI probe for blockages. Set a flow and disconnect ESI Probe first and then the peek tubing to observe if there is a significant pressure decrease (e.g. >1000 psi).



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