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No beam when infusing to the sample probe - WKB1269

Article number: 1269


  • No beam when infusing to the sample probe using the on-board fluidics
  • There is a beam when you have LC flow to the sample probe


  • Xevo G2 
  • Xevo G2-S
  • Xevo G2 XS
  • Xevo TQ MS
  • Xevo TQ-S
  • Xevo TQD
  • SQD
  • SQD2
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • Xevo TQ-XS
  • SYNAPT G2-Si
  • Xevo QTof


The fluidics lines are out of the solvent in the wash solvent reservoir.


  1. There is an orange line that goes from the sample fluidics valve (the valve above the fluidics A, B, and C bottles) above the MS to a wash solvent reservoir. See the attached picture.
  2. The orange lines sometimes pop up and no longer sit in the wash solvent. 
  3. Push the orange line well into the wash solvent bottle, so that it extends well below the solvent line. 
  4. If the line popping up is a frequent issue, you can take a pre-slit LC vial cap and run it up the line to the inside of the solvent bottle cap. This should help hold the line in place. 
  5. Now that the line is in the wash solvent, purge four times to remove air from the lines and valve.
  6. Try infusing. You should see your sample after a few minutes of infusing at 10 uL/min.



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