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Is there a way in Empower 2 to do the "RRT~" calculation that Empower 3 can perform? - WKB9626

Article number: 9626


  • Empower 2


No.  While Empower 3 can calculate relative retention time, there is no way to perform the "RRT~" calculation in Empower 2.


Empower 2 calculates the relative retention times of components by using the Rel RT Reference in the Components tab. You use this column to select the reference peak. This means that if for row 4 you choose the first component for Rel RT Reference, row 4 of the table in the Main window page will have a value for Relative RT (min). The value will be the RT of the component minus the RT of the reference component (it views the fourth component’s retention time relative to the retention time of the first component in this case). In Empower 3, relative retention can be calculated in the same way.

Empower 3 also has an added RRT~ column. This works differently. Let’s say component 1 has a retention time of 1.5 and component 4 has a retention time of 4.5. If for the fourth component you specify an RRT value of 5 and you select the first component as the RT reference, Empower actually shifts component 4’s retention time to 6.5 min. Any peak with the retention time of 6.5 minutes will be identified as the fourth component. So using RRT will actually shift the component in the processing method, whereas Rel RT Reference will just give you the component’s retention time as compared with another component.

relative retention time

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