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Parameter Range Error for an Alliance 2695 or e2695 - WKB8963

Article number: 8963


  • Parameter Range Error displays on 2695 when the run is started


  • Empower 3
  • 2695
  • e2695
  • newly created instrument method


For a 2695 - The maximum number of steps for a 2695 gradient is 18.  The gradient table has more than 18 lines. (This is documented in PCS 48781)

For an e2695 - Up to 16 gradient lines were allowed, after which an error in the incoming gradient table triggered an alarm. (This is documented in PCS 13674)


  • PCS 48781 references this issue for the 2695. If you attempt to run a 2695 instrument method that contains more than 18 gradient lines, the run fails, and the error "Parameter out of Range" displays on the instrument's front panel.  There is no workaround to increase the gradient table. Users must alter the instrument method to contain 18 or fewer steps.
  • PCS 13674 references this issue for the e2695.  A fix for the e2695 is to upgrade the firmware to 3.04. Reference the Release Notes for the Alliance e2695 Firmware 3.04 which states that the Gradient Lines can be increased to 25 lines.




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