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What is the part number for the finger tight fitting on the ACQUITY Column Manager? - WKB8839

Article number: 8839


  • ACQUITY Column Manager
  • MassLynx
  • Empower


700003139 Kit, Fitting, Reuse 10-32, Finger Tight

The individual parts are available separately.

700003169 Screw, Comp, HPFT, Gold Pltd (Pkg10)

700009303  FERRULE, PEEK, 1/16, HPFT, 3PK

700009304  FERRULE, PEEK, 1/16, HPFT, 5PK

700003114 Ferrule, PEEK, 1/16, HPFT, Pkg 10

415000786 FERRULE, PEEK, 1/16, HPFT single ferrule (only available in packs of 3 or more)

700003115 Collet, HPFT, Pkg 2

700003170 Multi-Tool, Collet & Comp Screw, HPFT




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