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What are the part numbers for Vacuum degasser chambers, degasser inlet tubing and the degasser chamber to GPV tubes? - WKB8366

Article number: 8366


  • Alliance HPLC System
  • 2695 Separations Module
  • 2795 Separations Module
  • 2796 Separations Module
  • 1525 HPLC pump
  • Engineering code on package 289000622


  • 700011709  Performance Plus Vac Deg Chamber Stented.


  • 700011708  Performance Plus 2695 Degasser Tray (all stented) WAT271022, Tubing, Solvent Inlet to Vac. Degas WAT271175, 2690 Inlet tube A (Degasser Chamber A to GPV) WAT271176, 2690 Inlet tube B (Degasser Chamber B to GPV) WAT271177, 2690 Inlet tube C (Degasser Chamber C to GPV) WAT271178, 2690 Inlet tube D (Degasser Chamber D to GPV).  


  • Stented degasser chambers are the new standard for Alliance e2695 and have an interim blue label.  Future chambers will have a green label. 700011709 is a direct replacement for 700005508 which has been discontinued 700011707 Performance Plus Vac Degas Chamber 279x (non-stented) is replaced by 700011709 Performance Plus Vac Deg Chamber Stented Part number 700001218 (PerformanePLUS Vacuum Chamber) has also been discontinued.

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