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What is the part number for the pressure regulator in the ACQUITY UPLC Sample Organizer? - WKB8241

Article number: 8241


  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Organizer (Classic) ACQUITY UPLC Common Platform Sample Organizer (H-Class, I-Class, Arc.


The pressure regulator is PN 410001210 The pressure regulator is only available to order internally (by FSE via CIT). External customers cannot order this part directly and must order one of the following:

  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Organizer (Classic).
    • 700002613 for the "ASSY, PANEL, ELEVATOR PNEUMATICS".
    ACQUITY H-Class Sample Organizer (Common Platform).
    • 700005749 for the "ASSY, PANEL, PNEUMATICS, CPSO".


  • For external customers, this part must be ordered through your local customer service department and installed by a Waters Field Service Engineer. The Pneumatic Panel Assembly contains the air regulator, including check valve, air cylinder, dump and unloader valves, solenoids, and air lines.




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