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What are the electrical requirements for the ACQUITY UPLC I-class? - WKB6579

Article number: 6579


  • ACQUITY UPLC I-class


Power requirements

Refer to the following power requirements when preparing your laboratory:

  • All ACQUITY I-Class System components require a dedicated, earthed (grounded) power source. The receptacles from this power source must be accessible to the ACQUITY I-Class System components, and must share a common ground.
  • If your ACQUITY I-Class System has a mass spectrometer, refer to its site preparation guide for power requirements.
  • Consider the use of a line conditioner or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for optimum long-term input voltage stability.
  • The optional Flex Cart includes a 15A power strip with 10 receptacles to which the ACQUITY I-Class System components connect. The cart typically reduces the number of required VAC receptacles for the site to one or two. 

Plug types supplied with the ACQUITY I-class System


See the ACQUITY UPLC I-class Site prep Guide for a full description. 

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