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Column Manager "string" error message in console software - WKB636

Article number: 636


  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager was originally at v1.40 Instrument Control Software (ICS) 
    • The "string" message is observed after updating the Column Manager with the June 2011 Driver Pack (v1.50 ICS) on the computer
  • The instrument in console triggered a "string" error message and cannot operate until the message is cleared
  • The message is not recorded in the log files
  • The problem occurs on initialization


  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager


If the computer is powered-on first, the error appears in the console/control panels.


  1. Power-off the instrument and the computer.
  2. Power-cycle the computer and log in to Windows. (Do not launch Empower or MassLynx.)
  3. Power-cycle the instruments and wait for them to initialize.
  4. Open the console software and look for the "string" error message.

Recommendation: Update the Instrument Control Software to Driver Pack 4 SR1. The ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager firmware remains v1.40.


The instrument loses communications due to failure of the ACQUITY server processes, which results in the console displaying an erroneous "string" message.

"String" errors are failed commands between the Instrument Control Software and the ACQUITY module.

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