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What does "Error: Seal Pack Geometry Fault" mean on an Alliance? - WKB55847

Article number: 55847


  • Alliance HPLC system
  • 2695 Separations Module


During the "Adjust Seals" diagnostic, the Alliance looks for specific values (see the table below).


If the values found during the diagnostic are outside the ranges listed in the table, Error: "Seal Pack Geometry Fault (n)" appears, with the number in parentheses referring to the following:

  • 1 = seal too high (i.e., top value below 30)
  • 2 = seal too low (i.e., top value above 80)
  • 3 = seal too wide (i.e., seal width above 120)
  • 4 = seal too narrow (i.e., seal width below 50)



If you are trying to rectify error codes 1 or 2, refer to Seal pack geometry fault on Alliance 2690/2695 - WKB5360.

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