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What is the part number for the waste tubing on an Alliance HPLC system? - WKB55192

Article number: 55192


  • Alliance HPLC system
  • 2695 Separations Module
  • 2795 Separations Module


700000550 - Tubing, Polyethylene, 5/16 x 3/16, 10 ft


Other items that may be useful in routing the waste line:

700012254 - Y-connector, 1/4 ID

700003892 - Elbow, 1/4 ID        

Alternatively, you may order 700001891 - Drain Tube Replacement Kit, to ensure proper drainage of waste solvent. The kit consists of fittings, clips, adapters, and 10 ft Polyethylene tubing. A document explaining the installation procedure is attached to this article.

Installing the Drain Tube Replacement Kit (716000882)

2690, 2690D, 2690DUPGD, 2690UP, 2695, 2695D, 2695DE, 2695DEB, 2695DUP, 2695E, 2695EB, 2695INERT, 2695UP, 2790XE, 2790XEUP, 2795E, 2795UP, 2795XE, ALLCOLCLR, ALLCOLHTR, ALLCOLHTRB

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