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ACQUITY i2V Primary Pump Head Leak Test Failing - WKB5158

Article number: 5158


  • Primary pump head on an ACQUITY system with i2V check valve will not pass Leak Check
  • New pump head, seals, plunger, or primary check valve replacement do not improve result
  • Accumulator consistently passes leak test
  • Pressure fluctuation


  • H-Class Quaternary Solvent Manager
  • ACQUITY Binary Solvent Manager with i2V


Once new seals/plunger/pump head are eliminated on primary pump head, two likely possibilities:

1. i2V check valve housing pinch-clamp may be loosening during pump priming and no longer solidly holding primary check valve.

2. Accumulator check valve may not be closing properly during primary pump head leak test.


  1. Remove i2V check valve housing and inspect pinch-clamp after priming pump for 10 minutes. If pinch clamp seems loose, tighten four set screws securely or replace i2V valve housing.
  2. Replace accumulator check valve and primary transducer-to-check valve tubing (even though accumulator pump head passes leak check).


i2 Valve, H-Class Quaternary Pump (700005162)
i2 Valve ACQUITY Binary Pump (Classic or I-Class) (700003557)

Delta, pressure ripple

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