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Error: Serial number uninitialized in Empower after instrument reboot - WKB3459

Article number: 3459


  • No communication
  • Duplicate entry in the instruments list (Serial on new entry = "Serial number uninitialized")


  • Empower Personal
  • Empower Workgroup
  • Empower Enterprise
  • All ACQUITY UPLC devices
  • All Alliance HPLC detectors
  • Ethernet instruments


The battery on the main board is weakening and can no longer retain the serial number of the instrument.



  1. Purchase a new battery. It can be one of the following two types:
    1. Yellow Snaphat (700001834)
    2. 3V Lithium Battery (WAT080443)
  2. Replace the battery that is currently on the board.
  3. Set the correct serial number for the module (refer to article 791)
  4. After powering-on the instrument, you may need to recalibrate, depending on the model type.


Work-around if the battery cannot be replaced immediately:

1. Log into Empower and open Configure the system.

2. Click on Systems.

3. Highlight the row containing your system.

4. Right-click on that row and choose System properties.

5. Drag the original module to the left side.

6. Drag the new "Serial number uninitialized" module into the system from the left side.

The system should now communicate, but this is only a temporary work-around.


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