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H-Class FTN General Failure: Not ready to start run - WKB3295

Article number: 3295


  • H-Class FTN "General Failure: Not ready to start run" error occurs during injection sequence.
  • Occurs whether the gradient start time is programmed before or after injection.
  • Occurs when the gradient start time is programmed by volume or time.


  • ACQUITY H-Class Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM)
  • ACQUITY H-Class Sample Manger FTN (SM-FTN)
  • Instrument Control Software Driver Pack 3 ICS/Firmware installed


Defect SCR 29812 recognized as an "General Failure: Not ready to start run" error is observed when:

  • Unique pre-injection large volumes
  • Lower flow rates
  • Changing solvent/pressure conditions occurring before injection

This error is amplified by the number of strokes necessary to deliver the requested volume within a minute of delay volume.


  • Reduce the programmed gradient start by time or volume to less than one minute or comparable to one minute by volume.
    • If error persists when programming by volume, convert that volume (ul) to time (min).
    • If error persists when programming by time, convert that time (min) to volume (ul).
  • It may be necessary to adjust the gradient start parameter in small time/volume increments that will operate the systems gradient start function without error.


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