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What are the part numbers for the Alliance accumulator and primary pump tubes? - WKB30415

Article number: 30415


  • Alliance HPLC System.
  • 2695 Separations Module.
  • 2795 Separations Module.
  • 2690 Separations Module.


The following part numbers are for ordering the tubing for the solvent manager pumps (accumulator and primary).

SS Tubing, Primary Head Lower Transducer WAT270978
Assy Tubing, L Head- Top Transducer  WAT270970
Assy Tubing, Lower Transducer-Accum Head WAT 270971
Assy Tubing ,Top Transducer- Vent Valve WAT270972
Assy Tubing, Vent Left-in-line WAT270974
Assy Standard Flow, GPV-inlet Tubing (.030 SS) WAT270986
Assy, Low Flow GPV-inlet Tubing (.020 SS) WAT270976
Assy, High Flow, GPV-inlet Tubing (.040 SS) WAT270968



gradient proportioning valve

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