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How to tighten the 3-piece fitting on the Active Pre-heater? - WKB2941

Article number: 2941


  • How to tighten the 3-Piece Fitting in the Active Preheater (APH) Assembly.
    • When installing a column on an ACQUITY active column heater module or active column manager using the APH. 


  • ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System
  • ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System
  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Heater - Active (CH-A)
  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager - Active (CM-A)


  1. Loosen the stainless steel cap nut from the gold fitting.
  2. Finger-tighten the gold fitting with ferrule into the column detail.
  3. Replace the PEEK ferrule if making a new connection to a column.
  4. Holding the column hardware, rotate the column onto the gold fitting.
  5. If operating system pressure is >15k psi, then add an additional 1/4-turn with a 1/2" wrench to the gold fitting.
  6. Finger-tighten the stainless steel cap nut onto the gold fitting.




  • Fittings that can be replaced are the 1/16 PEEK ferrule and gold compression screw:
    • 700003114 for the FERRULE, PEEK, 1/16, HPFT

    • 410003354 for the Locking Compression Screw, HEX GOLD

  • The stainless steel cap between the APH cartridge and pre-swaged seat/ferrule cannot be replaced.

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