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What changes were made from the platinum to blue versions of the Alliance Column Heater and Column Heater/Cooler? - WKB25592

Article number: 25592


  • Alliance 2695 Separations Module with Column Heater or Heater/Cooler


  • Platinum Alliance Heater Chillers having the part number 186001791 are replaced by the following:
    • 186186301: Alliance Column Heater

    • 186179100 - Alliance Column Heater/Cooler

Alliance Column Heater and Column Heater Cooler changes include the following:

  • The functionality of the old heater and new heater are exactly the same, and there are no control differences in the software or in operation.
  • The Alliance (blue) engine has changed from 700002139 to 700009584 for the THERMOELECTRIC HEATER/COOLER, to accommodate a longer internal cable connection.
    • Same module depth as Alliance.
  • Mounting the new column heaters and column heater/coolers is slightly different. Reverse the spacer. 
    • The spacer is the same but it mounts differently.
    • Four tall, rubber feet for better weight stabilization; not back-compatible with older column heaters. 
  • Optional bottle tray configurations are possible depending on whether a column heater or column heater/cooler is present in the system configuration.

Alliance System Platinum to Blue Comparison.jpg



2690, 2690D, 2690DUPGD, 2690UP, 2695, 2695D, 2695DE, 2695DEB, 2695DUP, 2695E, 2695EB, 2695INERT, 2695UP, A-10SSM, ALLCOLCLR, ALLCOLHTR, ALLCOLHTRB

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