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"Instrument currently in use" message in Empower for Alliance 2465 - WKB24693

Article number: 24693



  • Ran sample set and errors display:

    • Empower Message Center reports "W2465@1 Instrument currently in use" 

    • "Run aborted - Instrument already in use".


  •  Alliance 2965 and 2465 ECD on Empower Enterprise using a LAC/E


  • The module is connected to multiple systems.
  • Even when not connected because of a power-off issue, the module is left in the online state.
  • The 2465 external I/o cable has an issue.


  1. In Empower, select Config Manager, select the 2465 system, and take it offline.
  2. Turn off the LAC/E, 2465, and Alliance modules of the system.
  3. Unplug the 2465 RS232 cable from the back of the LAC/E and ECD (this allows the ECD to go out of the persistent REMOTE control displayed on the LCD screen).
  4. Replace the 2465 external l/o cable, 2465 i9t (700001948).
  5. Boot up the LAC/E and wait five minutes.
  6. Plug the 2465 RS232 cable back into the LAC/E and ECD.
  7. Boot up the 2465ECD and the Alliance (the ECD will no longer display REMOTE).
  8. Verify that the system says "online".
  9. Set up the sample set and continue.


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