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I-Class FTN Sample Fluidics High Pressure Limit (Value) when purging - WKB23788

Article number: 23788


  • Sample Fluidics High Pressure Limit (Value) when purging
  • Needle seal readiness passes
  • Injections run OK
  • Purging is OK when Injector Valve port 3 is disconnected
  • Error persists when Injector Valve port 2 is connected




Clogged injector valve


Replace the Injector Valve Cartridge [700005236].

  1. In the ACQUITY UPLC Console, select Sample Manager FTN from the system tree.
  2. In the SM-FTN information window, click Maintain > Park needle and inject valve > Yes.
  3. Power-off the SM-FTN.
  4. Open the fluidics compartment door.
    • Warning: To avoid personal contamination with biohazards and toxic compounds, or the residues of such compounds, wear clean, chemical-resistant, powder-free gloves when performing this procedure.
    • Caution: To avoid damaging electrical parts, never disconnect an electrical assembly while power is applied to an instrument or device. To completely interrupt power, set the power switch to Off, and then unplug the power cord from the AC source. Wait 10 seconds before you disconnect an assembly.
  5. Remove the fittings attached to the injection valve cartridge.
  6. Use a 2-mm hex wrench to remove the screw at the 10 o’clock position on the injection valve cartridge.
  7. Remove the injection valve cartridge from the injection valve assembly.
  8. Carefully unpack the replacement injection valve cartridge.
  9. Ensure that the groove in the cartridge housing and the groove on the drive clamp align. If they do not align, turn the drive clamp until the grooves line up.
  10. Insert the new injection valve cartridge into the injection valve assembly.
    • Note: If the injection valve cartridge does not slide fully into the injection valve assembly, contact your Waters service representative.
  11. Insert the 2-mm hex screw at the 10 o’clock position on the injection valve cartridge and tighten it.
  12. Reattach all fittings, ensuring that the tubes sit on the bottoms of their fitting holes.
  13. Close the fluidics compartment door.
  14. Power-on the SM-FTN.

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