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What tool can be used to tighten and loosen PEEK fittings? - WKB2117

Article number: 2117


PEEK fittings used on Alliance and ACQUITY UPLC Systems


  • The following PEEK fitting tools can be used to meet needs where applicable:
    • Part number 700002875 for the "NUT EXTENDER, FLANGELESS, LONG"
    • Part number 700003123 for the "NUT EXTENDER, FLANGELESS, SHORT"
      • Both parts made of Aluminum and only difference is the length of the handle, either short of long.
      • Photo depicts the longer length tool.
        Photo Caption
    • Part number 410001941 for the "NUT EXTENDER, FLANGELESS, RIGHT ANGLE"
      • This part is useful for accessing fittings in hard to reach spaces.


Do not over-tighten the fittings.

  • Over tightening the fittings can damage the threading of the PEEK fitting.
  • Finger tighten first, then finish using the nut extender adding a quarter turn to the fitting.

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