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Communication problem to 2489 - WKB1972

Article number: 1972


  • Cannot connect to the 2489 in Empower


  • Empower


Corrupted LAN Setting


  1. Log into the PC that is attached to the instrument, as a local Administrator
  2. Go to Waters DHCP Server Configuration.exe: C:/Empower/Instruments/Waters DHCP Server Configuration.exe
  3. Find the 2489 configured IP address
  4. Go to the Command Prompt: Windows Start Menu/Search/Type in "CMD"
  5. Ping the IP address of the LAN Card and then the instrument.  (card is usually 1 of the IP settings, ex card, instrument)
  6. Go to the LAN adaptor settings:  Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Change Adapter Settings/Select Instrument LAN, Highlight, Right-Click and select Properties/Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)/Select Properties
  7. Make sure that the Address is set to Use the Following IP Address ( or
  8. Select the Advanced key (right-hand lower corner)  Make sure that there is only one address
  9. If there are more than one address delete the other addresses.
  10. If after you save this and the addresses keep coming back in the Advanced section, then change the setting to Obtain an IP Address Automatically, then ClickOK.
  11. Go to the Command Prompt make sure that the IP address is a random number, by running ipconfig/all command.
  12. Then go back to the Properties of the LAN and the Properties of the TCP/IP 4 and set the address to Use the Following IP Address ( or, and make sure that now only one address is in the Advanced section.
  13. Go back to the Command Prompt and type ipconfig/all and make sure that the IP address is set correctly.
  14. Ping the IP address
  15. Check in the properties of the Node that in the Instrument Tab the 2489 under the OK? column says Yes.
  16. Run as normal




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