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How to program ACQUITY SM-FTN Auto-Additions in Empower - WKB1416

Article number: 1416


  • How to program Auto Addition in Empower Run Samples and programming "delay" to function in the SM-FTN instrument editor.


  • Empower 3
  • ACQUITY SM-FTN instrument editor "Advance" option


  1. In the SM-FTN instrument editor, from the General tab, click "Advanced".
  2. Select both "Mix Cycles" and "Mix Stroke Volume" and input a value (0-99) in the fields. "Automatic = 0"
  3. Save the Instrument Method and the Method Set to be used during acquisition.
  4. Open Empower Run Sample.
  5. Right-click in the Auto Additions and select the Auto-Additions Editor.
  6. Use the Auto-Additions Editor to program the Plate/Well and Inj Vol (uL) with Delay in minutes.
  7. Complete the remaining Sample Set information.


  • A known issue with auto-addition delay hold time not being accepted or carried out may be observed. 
  •  If no mix cycles are programmed, then the auto dilution delay time will be ignored. Work around: Program a brief mixing cycle by volume this should trigger the delay time. 

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