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How to set up MSConvert with the UNIFI Web API - WKB78812

Article number: 78812


Interface MSConvert with UNIFI so that MSConvert can be used to export and convert data to different formats.


  • Proteowizard MSConvert


  1. Install the appropriate UNIFI API version for the version of UNIFI installed.
    • See the UNIFI Web API Installation and Configuration Guide on
  2. Install Proteowizard MSConvert.
  3. In the Windows 10 search option, type About Your PC, open About Your PC, and make note of the PC name.
    • This is MY_PC_NAME at step 17
  4. Open UNIFI and log in with an Administrator account.
  5. In UNIFI Administration, select External Application Security Configuration.
  6. Log in to Waters UNIFI Client registration with a UNIFI administrator role.
  7. Click "New Client".
  8. In the Client Name field, specify resourceownerclient.
  9. In the Client ID field, specify resourceownerclient.
  10. In the OAuth 2.0 Flow field, select ResourceOwner from the drop-down options.
  11. Click the Create button.
  12. Click on the Edit Client button next to the resourceownerclient that you created in the previous steps.
  13. Select Properties, set the Access token Lifetime and Refresh to 86400, and select the Enabled check box.
  14.  Click on Secrets, set Client Hash to SHA-512, type "secret" in the value-field, and click the Add button next to the Add Client Secret box.
    • clipboard_e257b56d08e4ca7ff2957f00f83f2eff3.png
  15. Launch the MSConvert application on the UNIFI workstation by clicking on the icon in the Windows Start menu.
  16. Select “UNIFI” in “Browse Network resources”. This open thse MS Convert UNIFI browser.
  17. In the MSConvert UNIFI browser interface Server location field, type http://MY_PC_NAME:50034/unifi/v1.

    • HINT: You found MY_PC_NAME at step 3.

  18. Press Connect.

  19. In the "Log in to UNIFI Server" pop-up window, specify the UNIFI administrator account username and password (by default, these will both be "administrator").

  20. Connection with the UNIFI database is established.

  21. When you complete any work in the MSconvert UNIFI browser, click on the Disconnect button at the top-right of the window.

    • This logs out the Administrator.

    • Subsequent users should log in using their own UNIFI account name and password and log out by pressing the Disconnect button. This allows UNIFI to record each user's accesses of the UNIFI database through the MSConvert browser.


Each user logging in to the MSConvert UNIFI browser will have access only to the subset of folders and projects to which they have access in UNIFI.

Do not allow all MSConvert users to log in using the UNIFI Administrator account, or any other user's account. Ensure that all MSConvert UNIFI browser users log out using the Disconnect button at the end of their session.

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