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How to change the temporary files folder used by UNIFI to import and export UEP files - WKB47013

Article number: 47013


Change the location of the temporary folder used by UNIFI to import and export UEP files, to avoid filling up the system drive (C:\) with temporary files and not being able to import and export larger UEP files.


  • Windows 7, 64 Bit, Professional
  • UNIFI Workstation


  1. Log in with an administrator account with full admin privileges.
  2. Close ALL programs, including UNIFI, and terminate relevant processes.
  3. Create a System Restore point.
  4. Open Start Menu > Computer.
  5. Right-click Properties.
  6. Select "Advanced Settings".
  7. Search for "Environment Variables".
  8. Click on "Edit Environment Variables for your Account".
  9. Create a folder named "Temp" where you want the new folder to be located (if you haven't already done so).
  10. For UNIFI PCs, the root of the data drive can be on an additional drive. 
  11. Click on Temp variable, and click Edit.
  12. Enter the new Variable Value (the location of your new folder (e.g., "D:\Temp"), and click OK.
  13. Select "TMP" Variable and change its value to the same folder.
  14. Click OK and restart your computer.
  15. Verify that the change has been applied correctly.
  16. Open the Start Menu and type "%Temp%", without the quotation marks.
  17. Open the "Temp" folder.



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