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How to find corrupted library entries in UNIFI - WKB12821

Article number: 12821


Find corrupted scientific library entries and remove them. If a library has corrupt items, you will see Oracle errors when you try to use the library or export it.


  • UNIFI 1.8.2 (workstation configuration)


  1. In UNIFI, go to the Scientific Library.
  2. Go to Manage Library Items.
  3. Use the Search Criteria; select the library of interest and click on Search.
  4. In the Search Results section, highlight all of the items found and click on the "Generate a Report for the Selected Items" icon.
  5. Examine the report. Good entries have a name and details (structure, etc.) associated with the compound. Bad entries have a blank page, followed by another page with a small entry saying “No data available” (see below).


6. Because bad entries are not titled with the compound name, finding them is a process of elimination. Compare the printed report to the selected library entries in the UNIFI Search window to identify the good library entries.

7. Delete the bad entries.



In UNIFI, when you look at the Search Results, all of the library entries will look okay (you can see a name, and the columns contain information). It is only after creating a report that the corruption is evident. 

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