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In UNIFI, no control over the ACQUITY PDA - WKB11262

Article number: 11262


  • The ACQUITY PDA is present in the DHCP server.
  • The PDA says communication is lost.
  • All other components have communication/control through the console.


  • UNIFI.


Corrupt driver.


  1. Verify that a full backup was recently performed. (Go to backup drive:\fast_recovery_area\UNIFI\UNIFI\BACKUPSET\ and search the recent folders for a full backup. Confirm that the backup has a control file, such as C-136881228-20170904-02.)
  2. Go to Administration > Device Management, and then to the Instrument Systems tab.
  3. Ensure that all instrument systems are offline.
  4. Modify each instrument system that contains the PDA, removing the PDA from the system.
  5. Save the modified instrument systems and leave them offline.
  6. Power-off the PDA and disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  7. While you are still in Device Management, go to the Workstation or LND tab, and then go to Manage Instruments.
  8. Highlight the PDA and select Remove.
  9. Go to the Manage Drivers tab.
  10. Highlight the PDA, select Remove, wait for the Workstation or LND switches from offline to online then click Update Drivers.
  11. Once the PDA driver is gone, which may take several minutes while the Workstation and LND will cycle from offline to online automatically, exit UNIFI.
  12. Under Services in the task manager, stop the watServHost (WSH).
  13. Wait for all eight services to stop under Processes in the task manager (on the workstation) or in 7 WSH (on a server).
  14. Start the watServHost under Services.
  15. Wait for all eight services to start under Processes.
  16. Open UNIFI.
  17. From Device Management under the LND, or from Workstation in Manage Drivers, add the PDA.
  18. Once in the list, click Update Drivers for the PDA.  Again the Workstation or LND will cycle offline to online; wait for it to be online again before proceeding. This may take several minutes.
  19. Power-on the PDA. It should auto-populate in Manage Instruments; you do not need to specify an IP address, for example.
  20. Add the PDA back into the customer instrument systems.




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