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Apex 3D Error in ProteinLynx Global Server (PLGS) - WKB5274

Article number: 5274

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  • Apex 3D Error in ProteinLynx Global Server (PLGS)


  • ProteinLynx Global Server PLGS


Corrupt Apex file.


  1. Contact Tech Support
    • There are many other things that can cause Apex3D errors
    • Please provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances under which the problem occurred
    • Also forward the contents of C:\PLGS3.0.x\logs\
  2. If tech support confirm that corruption of the Apex3D executable is the problem they will arrange for a new Apex3D.exe file.
    • IMPORTANT - Different versions of PLGS use different versions of the Apex3D executable. Please tell tech support the version of PLGS you are currently using so that they send you the right version of the Apex3D.exe. Mixing the Apex3D.exe from one version of PLGS with another version of PLGS is not supported and can result in unexpected behaviour.
  3. Follow file path C:\PLGS3.0.x\lib\apex3d.
  4. Insert new Apex 3D file.


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