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Error: "Failed to extract file(s) to folder..." message in NuGenesis Restore or Preview - WKB7353

Article number: 7353


  • The following error message appears when restoring file data or opening print data from NuGenesis:
    • "Failed to extract file(s) to folder <temp path>. Please ensure that there is sufficient disk space for file. If there is sufficient disk space please try again as the network\DB connection may have been lost."


  • NuGenesis 9 SDMS
  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


This message typically does not indicate a lack of storage space. The most common causes for the error message are (1) the file or files were moved to offline storage and the offline storage device is offline, or (2) the file is in a Managed Storage project and the FTP storage location for the project is not available. This article describes the steps to determine the storage location for the requested file (in the Oracle database, in Managed Storage, or on an offline device).


  1. Check whether the user has read/write access to the NuGenesis installation folder and all subfolders:
    • NuGenesis 9: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\Waters\NGSDMS
    • NuGenesis 8: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0
  2. In NuGenesis WebVision, select the file record and click File menu > View Details > File properties.
  3. If the Moved Out Status column says "Moved out" or "Uploaded", the file is on an offline storage device. Take note of the Moved Out Volume Name, Moved Out Device Name, and Moved Out File Name, and then follow the instructions in the article Error: "Failed to extract file(s) to folder..." message in NuGenesis Restore for an Offline file to troubleshoot further.
  4. If the column says "Not moved out", the file is not on an offline storage device. The file is in either a Managed Storage site or the Oracle database.
  5. Log in to the SDMS Administrator application.
  6. Open the properties page for the SDMS project. Select the "Managed Storage Locations" tab within the project properties page.
  7. If a Managed Storage location is listed for the project, the file is in a Managed Storage site. Follow the instructions in the article Error: "Failed to extract file(s) to folder..." message in NuGenesis Restore for a Managed Storage project to troubleshoot further.
  8. If the file is not stored on an offline storage device and the project does not use a Managed Storage site, the file must be in the Oracle database.
  9. Determine if the Windows firewall on the NuGenesis server allows traffic on the default ports for the NuGenesis RPC service.
  10. If the file is in the Oracle database and the NuGenesis server's firewall is not blocking traffic on the NuGenesis RPC service ports but the problem persists, contact Waters Technical Support for assistance.


Confirm the user attempting to restore the data has permissions to destination restore location.



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