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How to create new file or print data project in NuGenesis SDMS - WKB56103

Article number: 56103


To create a new file/print capture project in NuGenesis SDMS.


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS.


1. In SDMS Administrator, expand the Master list, right-click the name of the server on which you will create the project, and then select New Project.

Tip: You might encounter a prompt requiring you to log on to the NuGenesis SDMS Administrator, depending on your system's configuration.

2. In the New Project dialog box, type a name for the project using as many as 30 characters consisting of letters, numerals, spaces, and underscores.

Recommendation: Use a consistent naming convention for projects, to facilitate search operations. Store the project name in one of the user-definable tag fields, assigning the same label name for the tag field in all your projects.

3. Under Project Type, specify whether the project includes print (UNIFY) data or file (archived) data.

4. If required, in the Description box, enter additional information about the project.

Restriction: On Japanese and Korean operating systems, you can enter as many as 126 characters.

Tip: The project description, part of the project properties, appears on the General tab.

5. Under "Project is to be based on", specify one of these options:

  • To create a project using the default tag-field settings, click Default.
  • To base the project on an existing project, select Listed Project, click Select, select the server and project, and then click OK.

Tip: To copy items from the existing project into the new project, click Options. In the Based On Options dialog box, select the items that you want to copy, and then click OK.

6. Click Next.



Enable Audit Trail

Records actions in the audit trail, for example, modifying or deleting an item, and the name of the action's performer.

Enforce Reason for Change

Requires a reason for any action that modifies or deletes an item in a project.


If you want users to further validate their action by entering their user name and password, select the option Use Secondary Authorization.

Enable eSignatures

Enables electronic signatures on files and documents in a project.


To require documents signed according to a predefined sequence, select the option Enforce eSig Sequence.


Deactivates a project until you are ready to bring it online.

Enable PDF

In projects that include printed data, a PDF version of each printed document is stored.


Requirement: You must select this option to be able to print from Macintosh computers to the project.

Enable Managed Storage

If remote, storage locations are set up for storing data outside a database (such as an FTP site), choose this option to configure a project so that its printed or archived files are transferred to the remote locations. The metadata associated with the files are stored in the project so that you can access the files by means of the VISION application.


Rule: If you are creating a project on the basis of another project containing remote, storage locations, you must manually add the remote, storage locations to the new project.

Enable Data Retention

Enables the data retention function, which you use to specify a period of time in which data must be retained in the database.



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