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How do the Auto Save and Auto Recover settings work in NuGenesis LMS? - WKB32232

Article number: 32232


  • NuGenesis 8 LMS
  • NuGenesis 8 ELN


Auto Save and Auto Recover are two distinct features of NuGenesis LMS that work to minimize the chances of data loss when working in LMS documents. The two settings are established within each LMS user's settings. Waters recommends that the following settings are activated for each LMS user:

  • Auto Save: Automatically save when finish section edit
  • Save auto recovery every: 1 minutes

It is possible for some or all users of an LMS system to have these two features inactive. For this reason, Waters recommends that LMS system administrators monitor the user settings on a regular basis for compliance with the above recommendations.

When the Auto Save feature is set as recommended, the client automatically saves the LMS document when a user opens and then closes a document section.

When the Auto Recover feature is set as recommended and a user opens a document section for editing, the LMS client creates a backup copy of the section's contents at 1-minute intervals. If either the LMS client or the external program crashes, the recover file remains on disk and is available for recovery.


There are some known limitations to the above features.

  1. When an LMS document is first created by a user, it exists in a "Created" state, but only in the resources of the client machine on which it was created. The document is NOT stored in the database in this state. Only upon the initial document save—whether by clicking the Save button in the LMS client, opening and closing a section, or releasing a section—will the document be stored in LMS.
    1. If the LMS client crashes before any of the above events occur to trigger a save, the document is lost, because no entries for it were ever made in the database.
    2. The above does not apply to documents that are made by the Document Creator Service for LMS Sample Management data.
  2. The auto recover interval does not start until the first interval period. If the interval is 1 minute, the recover file is not created until the user opens the section for at least 60 seconds, and then the file is overwritten every 1 minute thereafter, as long as the section remains open.
    1. If an application crash occurs within the first minute, or if the section is opened and closed within 60 seconds, the recover file is not created.

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