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What is the version history of NuGenesis 8? - WKB14323

Article number: 14323


  • NuGenesis 8


NuGenesis 8 uses different names for the product and its updates, which can result in confusion, especially if the SDMS internal version number is considered.

1. NuGenesis 8 base release: 2012. Informally known as "SR0".

2. NuGenesis 8 Service Release 1 (SR1): 2013

3. NuGenesis 8 Feature Release 1 (FR1): 2015. The ELN product was renamed to LMS. The entire system was renamed to "NuGenesis 8 LMS". In SDMS, this release is "SR2".

4. NuGenesis 8 Service Release 2 (SR2): 2016. In the SDMS bug-tracking database and in the Help > About box in the SDMS apps, this release is known as "SR3".

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