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What do I need to do to put my MassLynx computer on a network? - WKB985

Article number: 985


  • MassLynx
  • Windows
  • Workstation PC


Address the following issues:

IP address

Ensure the instrument LAN IP address (192.168.0.x) is not the same as the company IP address. If it is, reconfigure the instrument LAN with the alternative IP address of 172.16.0.x.

Antivirus software
Detailed in release notes for the software for each instrument. Usually the latest version of Symantec.

  1. Exclude all the MassLynx and Waters related folders and processes. 
  2. Disable live updates while acquiring data. 
  3. Exclude the comms ports and IP addresses for the instruments from the firewall.
  4. Prevent remote PCs from virus scanning the acquisition PC.

Windows updates
Deactivated automatic Microsoft updates during data acquisition.

Disable synchronize time with internet
Do not do this as it can halt MS acquisitions.

Disable Create a restore point.
Creating a restore point during data aquisition can cause communication issues. Additionally a rollback removes vital components (.inf files) from the data files, meaning you cannot open them. If a something affects performance, do not roll back to a restore point without backing up all the MassLynx data.

System can be part of a Domain

Remote access
This is up to local IT. Waters does not need this as Waters uses TeamViewer for remote support if needed.
Note: Remote  Desktop does not work for Windows 10 - see article: Can I use Windows 10 Remote Desktop to control a MassLynx system? - WKB68655


Disable anti-virus software during MassLynx installation as installations have failed because of AV software (e.g. Trend Micro).

Microsoft Automatic Updates can cause acquisitions to stop. Also some updates reactivate the firewall or force a PC reboot, which again would stop the MS from acquiring.



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