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How do I restore custom plates and bed layouts after reloading MassLynx? - WKB931

Article number: 931


Reconfigure custom plates after a MassLynx reload.


  • MassLynx 4.1


  1. Find the MassLynxBackup or MassLynxOld folder on the C drive.
  2. Copy the Plates and Racks folders in the MassLynxBackup or MassLynxOld folder.
  3. Paste these Plates and Racks folders into the current MassLynx folder, overwriting files if prompted.


The well plate information is saved in the Plates folder under MassLynx. The bed layout information is saved in the Racks folder under MassLynx. When MassLynx is removed, the Plates and Racks folders are not deleted. Copying the Plates and Racks folders from the old or backup MassLynx folder to the current MassLynx folder brings the custom plates and racks information into the installation.

Recommendation: If customers have custom plates or complex bed layouts, they should save copies of the Plates and Racks folders offline, so the information is still available if the PC fails or needs replacement.

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