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Does MassLynx support use of the mouse wheel to scroll the sample list? - WKB8557

Article number: 8557


  • MassLynx 4.1


MassLynx does not support native mouse wheel scrolling. However, Windows XP can be configured to allow mouse wheel scrolling in MassLynx.

1. The mouse and mouse driver must have scrolling capability.

2. In Windows XP, Universal Scrolling must be enabled at Control Panel > Mouse > Wheel.

Microsoft removed the Universal Scrolling option in Windows 7.
In Windows 7, sometimes mouse wheel scrolling is possible in MassLynx, but sometimes it is not possible (even when it is possible in other applications). This appears to be controlled by an unknown Windows setting. It is not a MassLynx issue and appears to be related to the type and version of mouse driver.



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