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Can we have individual user accounts on the PC controlling my old MS, instead of the Micromass account? - WKB7526

Article number: 7526


  • Standard FTP boot sequence / old-style communications mass spectrometer (pre dynamic boot sequence instruments):
    LCT, LCT Premier, platform LC, Quattro Micro, Quattro Premier, Quattro Premier XE, Quattro Ultima, QTof Micro, ZQ
  • Micromass  / Analysis Windows account
  • MassLynx




Instruments that use FTP communications must be controlled using the Micromass local PC account. Otherwise, MassLynx cannot communicate with the MS.
The system needs to use the specific micromass account, with the password set as analysis.

That being said the windows user login can be anything. The micromass account simply needs to exist locally on the PC. The user does not have to be logged in using the micromass account.


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