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Warning: File opened read-only as it is currently locked by [name of pc] - WKB7139

Article number: 7139


  • When you open a qld file, the following warning appears: File opened read-only as it is currently locked by [name of pc]. The qld file is opened but cannot be edited. The title bar displays [qld filename] (Read Only) closing and re-opening the qld file does not correct the issue other qld files behave normally.


  • MassLynx 4.1 TargetLynx QuanLynx.


This issue is a random problem that is occasionally seen in the field, but not reproducible in-house. The problem is probably caused by the fact that when the user last closed the qld file, for some reason the lockfile (see below) was not deleted properly. This means that when a user next wants to open the same file, the lockfile is still present, and as a result the file opens 'read-only'.


  1. Copy the qld file to a USB stick that is formatted with the FAT file system. You should get a warning message, saying that not everything can be copied.

NB:to check the format of the USB stick, in Windows Explorer, right-click on the USB drive and click 'Properties'.

  1. Rename the original qld file. Copy the qld file on the USB stick back onto the PC Note: It was reported that this had to be done twice -  the first time with the original QLD file, and the second time with the new QLD file which was like an intermediate.


The lockfile is a filestream that is created when a QLD file is opened, and deleted by Windows when the QLD file is closed. The filestream has the same name as the QLD file, and is moved around with it, but is 'invisible'. TargetLynx uses this stream file as a mechanism to lock QLD files. This issue is not the same as the read-only issue caused by saving a qld file across a network to a share drive, which is reproducible and has a different solution.

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