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Where is the MassLynx Security Log File (mlevt) located? - WKB5482

Article number: 5482


  • MassLynx 4.1 Security


The log file is named mlevt (MassLynx Events), and the default location is in the following folder: C:\Windows\MMAuditLog.

When MassLynx software is installed, the user has the option of changing this location, so if the file cannot be found, then the user may have selected a different location.


The log file (audit trail) is a secure system file that records all user activity in MassLynx Security.

To see the .mlevt file, set up Windows Explorer as follows:

1. Choose Organize > Folder and Search options > View tab.
2. "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" must be selected.
3. "Hide protected operating system files" must be cleared.

To view the contents of the audit trail, log in to LogLynx. LogLynx can be found as follows: Start > All Programs > MassLynx > LogLynx.

Note: if you cannot find the mlevt file, it should be possible to use Procmon to give the file path:

  • Stop the securitylogservice in Task Manager
  • Download ProcMon from the Microsoft website
  • Setup the Procmon filter to only show the securitylogservice.exe
  • Login to ML or the MSM, in order to re-start the securitylogservice.
  • Examine the log for the path to the mlevt file.



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