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C++ error with custom solvent name in MassLynx inlet method - WKB5451

Article number: 5451


  • MassLynx crashes with Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error when the user clicks on the solvent catalog/custom solvent name button in the inlet method editor


  • MassLynx 4.1


A problem occurs in which MassLynx crashes with a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error when user tries to enter a custom solvent name:

  Microsoft Visual C+ + Runtime Library error: "Runtime Error!  Program C:\MassLynx\InletEditor.exe abnormal program termination"

This is a bug that occurs when a Solvent name and its Alias are the same.
(You might add an alias for a solvent where common abbreviations [MeOH, for example] are used for methanol.)




  1. Go to the solventlibrary.xml file in the instruments\settings directory—C:\Program Files (x86)\Waters Instruments\Settings\SolventLibrary.xml.
    Open it and see if the alias has the same name. If it does, change a letter and save the file. (You need an xml editor to do this.)

  2. Alternatively, simply delete the solventlibrary.xml file and restart the inlet editor. The solvent library regenerate from default. However, with this method, any custom solvent names that were added are lost.



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