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"General Failure: Bad plate info from host" error message when starting samples in MassLynx - WKB51947

Article number: 51947


  • "General Failure: Bad plate info from host" error message when trying to start sample list
  • Recently changed to new plate type


  • MassLynx 4.1 SCN 884
  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager - Flow Through Needle
  • ANSI 96-well, 1-mL plates


Incorrect vial location syntax in SAMPLE_LOCATION column on the sample list


  1. On Sample List, go to Samples > Autosampler Bed Layout.
  2. Select the appropriate plate position in the diagram.
  3. Highlight the first position (upper-left corner of the plate).
  4. Hit the Add Sample button at the top of the dialog box.
  5. Correct syntax is shown in the SAMPLE_LOCATION column (header might be Bottle or Vial).
  6. Close Autosampler Bed Layout.
  7. Add 15 lines to the sample list.
  8. In the SAMPLE_LOCATION column, click on the cell with the correct syntax (from step 5).
  9. Highlight this cell and at least 15 rows below it.
  10. Right-click and select Fill Series from the content sensitive menu.


Steps 1 through 5 show the syntax that MassLynx is configured to use for the selected plate. Steps 6 through 10 show in what direction across the plate the Sample Manager will move for each consecutive sample.


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