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How to set up the plate configuration in MassLynx for a missing plate or vial error message. - WKB5164

Article number: 5164


How to set up the plate configuration or vial/bottle position in MassLynx.

Fix a missing plate or vial error message.

Adjust the plate configuration or vial/bottle position to the user's preference. 

Change the plate format and bottle or vial position from 1:1 to 1:A,1 format for the ACQUITY UPLC.


  • MassLynx 4.1


  1. Open the inlet editor by selecting thelozenge from the MassLynx window.
  2. In the inlet editor, select ACQUITY Sampler and Bed Layout... 
  3. Click the Edit Plates on Layout tab and write down the name of the plates in use. In this case, ANSI-48Vial2mLHolder.
  5. Click Cancel.
  6. Go to ACQUITY Sampler drop-down menu again and select the Plate Generator.
  7. Click until the Rack Name is that of the plate being used in the layout. In this case, ANSI-48Vial2mLHolder. 
  8. The current vial layout for vial 1 on tray 1 is 1:1. Change the settings so the plate is labeled to the user's preference. To change the vial layout to 1:A,1, clear Horizontal first. Next, click the Referencing drop-down menu, select XY, and then select A B C for Vertical. 
  9. Save the settings by selecting Rack > Save Current Rack or click Save and close this window.
  10. Go back to the MassLynx window and in the Bottle column, go to a square, right-click, and select AutoSampler Bed Layout... 
  11. Select a vial on the tray so that it is highlighted green and place it in the sample list by selecting Replace Samples .
  12. This shows an example of the new bottle format. The layout in the sample list is now changed to the settings saved in the plate generator. 



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