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Is it possible to batch process samples with the MassLynx Strip Tool? - WKB3267

Article number: 3267


  • MassLynx


Yes, for MS data only.

Set up an OpenLynx method containing the strip functions required using the MS Process tab in the OpenLynx method editor.
Run that method for each sample from the Sample List using the OpenLynx in the Process column and the OpenLynx method name in the Parameters File column.


For QTof and Tof instruments, use SCN 909 Desktop Processing and OpenLynx. 
The Enhance and Subtract options are missing from OpenLynx in Tof/QTof acquisition SCNs.

OpenLynx cannot strip analog data (UV/DAD/PDA).

Development has confirmed that this is by design and not a fault. There is no plan to implement this feature in future releases of Masslynx


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