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Is BiopharmaLynx supported with Windows 10? - WKB31944

Article number: 31944


  • BiopharmaLynx 1.2
  • BiopharmaLynx 1.3
  • BiopharmaLynx 1.3.1
  • BiopharmaLynx 1.3.2
  • BiopharmaLynx 1.3.3
  • BiopharmaLynx 1.3.4
  • BiopharmaLynx 1.3.5
  • Windows 10


BiopharmaLynx 1.3.5 is supported with Windows 10, although the current release notes have not been updated to reflect that.

BiopharmaLynx 1.3.5 will be fully supported at some point in the future. The version number may change to indicate Windows 10 support.

Older BiopharmaLynx versions will not be supported in Windows 10.



UNIFI Biopharma post-processing does support Windows 10 (from v1.9.2) and can be used for the same analyses as BiopharmaLynx.

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