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How do I display all or selected functions when opening a chromatogram in MassLynx? - WKB2889

Article number: 2889


To show a specific set of functions in the chromatogram window when a file is viewed.


  • MassLynx
  • Chromatograms


  1. In MassLynx, click Tools from the side bar menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click Chromatograms to Display tab.
  4. Select the chromatogram types you wish to open automatically by clicking on the function type (for example, MS TIC, DAD TIC) and pressing the + button to move the choice into the Selected Chromatograms window.
  5. Change the display order by clicking the function name in the Chromatograms panel and using the up and down arrows.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select a sample file name from the Sample List.
  8. Click Chromatogram.
  9. All the functions selected above are displayed.


This does not work when selecting the sample name from the Chromatogram window (File > Open dialogue - Chromatogram Data Browser Window).

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