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How to install or reinstall OALogin for MassLynx - WKB27043

Article number: 27043


Load or reload OALogin.


  • MassLynx
  • OALogin
  • OpenLynx


  1. NB: For this process use the PC administrator account that will remain in use on the OALogin PC
  2. Ensure that the OALogin key disc is available.
  3. Close MassLynx.
  4. If OALogin was previously installed, open OALogin and take a screen shot of the following OALogin Login Options pages (Admin > Login Options...):
    Login Options...
    Validation Options...
    QC Setup...
    Plate Visibility
    HPLC Options
    Column Switch Setup
    Method Filter Setup
  5. Close OALogin and copy the file C:\OALogin\ to the desktop.
  6. Use Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall to remove any previous version of OALogin.
  7. Browse the contents of the MassLynx media disc Applications folder. (Generally, use the full installation, not the patch, unless the patch is for OALogin)
  8. Open the OALogin folder.
  9. Right-click the setup.exe file and select Run as Administrator.
  10. Follow the installation wizard's instructions to complete the software installation.
  11. If OALogin was previously installed but does not have the correct settings, copy the file from the desktop to C:\OALogin.
  12. On the MassLynx acquisition PC browse to C:\MassLynx\OALogin\Batchdb and rename or delete the status.ols file
  13. Open OALogin and select File > Status and browse to the newly created status.ols file in the location above and click "open"
  14. Select File > Methods... and browse to the MassLynx acquisition PC and the location of the OpenLynx method files (*.olp) - this is usually C:\MassLynx
  15. Click on one of the method files and click open
  16. Confirm that each page of the OALogin Login Options match the screen shots taken before removal (step 4)
  17. Proceed to configure the OALogin software to the user requirements




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