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How to acquire only PDA data on an LC/MS system controlled by MassLynx - WKB2415

Article number: 2415


Acquire only the PDA data on an LC/MS system controlled by MassLynx.


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • Quattro Series
  • ACQUITY SQ/TQ/3100
  • Xevo Series
  • SYNAPT Series
  • ZQ/EMD Series


  1. Create a "dummy" MS channel as follows:
    1. Create an inlet method to acquire the appropriate PDA.
    2. Create a "dummy" MS method with a run time equivalent to that of the inlet method.
    3. Enter the inlet method and "dummy" MS method into their appropriate columns on the MassLynx Sample list.

      Technically, this setup will still acquire MS data. In a regulatory environment, you may need to have no MS data channel at all. In this case, do the following:
  2. Reinstall MassLynx with the option "No MS instrument" selected.
  3. Or, use two MassLynx PCs—one with an MS instrument selected and one with no MS instrument—and switch between them depending on the analysis.


Set the "dummy" MS method to acquire a minimal amount of data. Example: Single SIR with dwell time of 1 second, or very high data threshold or mass range that is out of the sample scope.

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