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ACQUITY console crashes on MassLynx systems with ACQUITY 2D using driver pack 2017 R1 - WKB22025

Article number: 22025


  • When the console is opened, the following error message appears: "ACQUITY Console Client has Stopped Working"
    • If the inlet is configured as a single-pump system (that is, not using Waters Pump Control), everything works properly.
  • MassLynx inlet software produces no error messages.


  • ACQUITY 2D System with Waters Driver Pack 2017 R1
  • MassLynx


Software defect in the ACQUITY Driver Pack 2017 R1. (This problem can occur on any MassLynx 4.1 or 4.2 SCN; there is no specific MS dependency for this issue.)


If updating the driver pack is not an option, consider downgrading the instrument control software version to Driver Pack 4 SR1.

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