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Error: "ACQUITY Console Client has Stopped Working" and console crashes on MassLynx systems with ACQUITY 2D using driver pack 2017 R1 - WKB22025

Article number: 22025


  • When the console is opened, the following error message appears: "ACQUITY Console Client has Stopped Working"
    • If the inlet is configured as a single-pump system (that is, not using Waters Pump Control), everything works properly.
  • MassLynx inlet software produces no error messages.
  • Opening the standalone console shows only the elution pump instead of the two pumps.


  • ACQUITY 2D System with Waters Driver Pack 2017 R1
  • MassLynx


Software defect in the ACQUITY Driver Pack 2017 R1. (Also seen on Waters Driver Pack 2019 R1)

This problem can occur on any version of MassLynx 4.1 or 4.2 SCN; there is no specific mass spectrometer dependency for this issue.


If updating the driver pack is not an option, consider downgrading the instrument control software version to Driver Pack 4 SR1.

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