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Which version of Java is installed with MassLynx? - WKB1821

Article number: 1821


  • Windows 7 Professional SP1
  • MassLynx
  • Java


MassLynx 4.1 is installed with:

Java3D 1.3.1 and Java (TM) 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition 1.5.0_X.

X can be 3, 6, 12, or 17, and is the updated version of J2SE 5.0.
The latest versions of Java installed as a prerequisite by the MassLynx installer is update 17.



MassLynx installation requires that the correct Java versions are present. If they are not present, the MassLynx installer installs them before installing MassLynx.
The installation fails if the correct version of Java is not installed or detected.

MassLynx may be able to use the most recent version of Java.
If the version is subsequently upgraded to a later update, MassLynx will try use that, but it may result in scripting errors in MetaboLynx. However, the software configuration will no longer be officially supported, as that version of MassLynx was not tested with later versions of Java.


ACQUITY Driver Packs may install a newer version of Java to support Connections Insight.


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