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Is MassLynx supported on Windows 7 Enterprise? - WKB16088

Article number: 16088


  • MassLynx
  • Windows 7 Enterprise




Windows 7 Enterprise Edition is not a supported version of the Windows 7 operating system for use with MassLynx or associated software.
Where Waters software release notes indicate that Windows 7 is supported, reference is to the Windows 7 64-bit Professional Edition. Windows 7 Enterprise Edition has not been tested.

Windows 7 Enterprise gives customer IT departments extensive features that allow them to centrally control user account access to files, folders and drives, software and software installation permissions, internet permissions, and folder encryption. Depending on the degree to which local IT policies use these features to restrict user accounts, Windows 7 Enterprise features can interfere with the normal functioning of MassLynx and its associated application managers. Although some corporate configurations of Windows 7 Enterprise Edition may be compatible with MassLynx and its associated application managers, it is not possible to test all configurations. Only the 64-bit Professional Edition of Windows 7 has been tested with Waters software.

Customers whose local IT departments insist on installing Waters software onto PCs running their corporate Windows 7 Enterprise image must be aware that this is not a supported version of the operating system and that Waters may be able to offer only limited assistance if customers encounter software problems.

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