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Error message: Positive and negative resolution expiry - WKB1438

Article number: 1438


  • System status: Not ready
  • Positive and negative resolution expiry


  • Masslynx 4.1
  • Intellistart


  • The Positive and negative resolution file created by Intellistart has expired.


  1. If system is bound by an SOP to check the resolution every X number of days, user will need to rerun the Intellistart Resolution Setup to clear the error.
  2. If system is not bound SOP to check the resolution on a schedule, the expiration check can be disabled:
    • Go to the MS Console
    • High light Intellistart in the menu tree on left
    • Go to Configure menu and select Intellistart Configuration
    • Uncheck Positive and Negative Resolution expiry.


Intellistart is designed to alert the users when certain files have expired (resolution setup, mass calibration, tune file, etc.) or when the system needs to be PM'd (service due). These checks are meant for regulated labs whose SOP dictate that work cannot be done if these files are outside the number of allowable days. The checks bring up messages that restrict the system from running samples. The default is 180, commonly set to 365. If labs are not subject to such restrictions, then the expiration checks can be disabled.

To change the number of days. Highlight the line you wish to alter in console/configure/intellistart configuration/ and press properties  The page then shown will allow you to change the number of days from the default 180.

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